Solange: A Seat at the Table

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Unapologetically Fearless, Unapologetically Real, Solange speaks truth. Never one to shy away from speaking her mind, A Seat at the Table reveals and empowering message of black empowerment and self discovery. Simplistic, Harmonious, Haunting, and Deliberate, ASATT  delivers a one-two punch two the world. The albums release along with a digital book, photos and poetry (for the first 86 people to sign up on the new site) is Solange’s first album in 8 years. Wisely crafted and released during a time when race (being black in America) has been trending consistently.A Seat at the Table is one of those albums that is needed in this day and time for obvious reasons. 726







The 21 track album is composed of funk, hip-hop, electro, pop-soul, and r&b vibes. The first track Rise is that old school 70’s vibe Solange acquainted us with 8 years ago. The lyrics advocate staying true to yourself in the failures and successes of life. Weary the second track off the album reaches even deeper, showing the struggle of not feeling like you belong in a world that doesn’t accept you, but finding the voice to say I do belong. Don’t Touch My Hair the 9th track off the album is a declaration of setting boundaries and establishing one’s personal identity. solange-album-093016-1475246699-compressedsolange-a-seat-at-the-table-book-1475087745-compressedF.U.B.U featuring The-Dream and BJ the Chicago Kid can easily be named an anthem for black empowerment. For those who remember the F.U.B.U acronym stands for; For Us By Us and gave us pride in wearing our own.

A Seat at the Table features Lil Wayne, Dev Hynes, Magical Cloudz, Q- Tip, Kelly Rowland, Kelela, Sampha, Andre 3000 and more. With such creativity and heartfelt lyrics Solange has penned a timeless body of work. She’s declaring no more will I beg, hide or apologize for who I am and what race that I am. Also ,whether or not you accept me matters not, for I deserve A Seat at the Table and it’s my choice to sit or stand. Thanks Solange for opening your soul once again this right here is what’s needed.

Don’t Touch My Hair







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