L26 Records DMV


With it’s launch in August 2016 L26 Records is looking to solidify its place in the music industry. Founder/CEO Lamont McCoy has been working hard to put together a roster that will take music to the next level. Although the artists on the label are more geared towards Hip-Hop and R&B, McCoy is open to all genres. As of late the artists have been recording and cultivating new music, an EP titled “Koolington” by rapper JT The City’s Villain and Soundz Of RnB’s latest single Heard About Me will be released soon (keep your eyes peeled for updates). Also you can check out L26’s Acoustic Night held at Culture Coffee in DC every last Friday of the month, as well as “The Limelight DMV” which is held every first Wednesday of the month at Avery’s Bar & Lounge.

L26’s Mission is “to create a platform for music artists to showcase and advance their talents” (Lamont McCoy) and so far they seem to be doing just that, with their next event being held during Atlanta’s A3C festival. Now that’s a pretty big deal, wouldn’t you say? All in all the work being put into this label from founder to artists definitely shows and with consistency and dedication L26 can become a problem..in a good way!! To connect with L26 head on over to their Contact page and you can also check out the label on Instagram and Facebook .


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