MD On Location @ Learning To Live Launch Party/Art Event

IMG_7038One thing Modern Diversity believes strongly in is education especially when its learning through great life experiences. Very recently we where able to support a cause that’s right along those lines. Learning To Live is an organization that is designed to give inner city kids an opportunity to travel and learn about other cultures and most importantly about themselves. Bianca Willis Founder/CEO who also happens to be from the city of Baltimore decided to put this program together after she too  traveled to other countries and gained a better perspective on life and her purpose. Her travels abroad helped make way for LTL and its sure to change the lives of many kids who may not be able to have these experiences without the program.

The kick off event was spectacular. The ambiance and the talent was everything an art lover could ask for and more. Most importantly though it was the support and the love that was shown throughout the night. Many people believe in Bianca’s dream and it was very evident as the nights IMG_6998festivities went on. Ms. Willis believes that ” Travel is the school of life” and MD couldn’t agree more. Learning To Live is that rare gem that every inner city community needs and it has the makings of being a very lucrative program. For more information on LTL and if you’re interested in signing up head on over to

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Margo Keys said : Guest Report 11 months ago

I was an attendee at Bianca Willis event and it was a great event. It was well put together, the atmosphere was just right, the poets were excellent and the vendors were good as well. Bianca was a great host at the event. Bianca is excellent with kids, she's a people person, well spoken, has various travel experiences in and out of the country , she's intelligent, smart, energetic driven young lady. I know learning to live will be a great success.

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