Taylor Tucker : The Leather Shoes EP



Earlier this month Taylor Tucker released her latest EP The Leather Shoes EP and WOW what an experience!!!! Taylor takes us all on a Pop journey that’s impeccably crafted and  well versed from beginning to end. Enough To Me the first song on the EP is a beautiful ballad that’s very uplifting and inspiring. The strings and the percussion are perfectly blended to bring out the sincerity in the lyrics. Leather Shoes the title track is pop with a twist giving off a Doo Wop Pop sort of vibe and adding in the trumpet offers the track a uniquely fresh sound. Memory another solid ballad from Ms. Tucker is timeless and very simple but packs a mean punch. The soft vocals and strong lyrics accompanied by sweet piano chords have everything you would want in a song like this. Don’t Say It ,well come on now if I can’t say it then what fun would that be, only kidding it’s just a play on words. This songs chorus is infectious with it’s melodic and groovy beat. It has an island feel an could even be another single!!!! Last but certainly not least there’s Take It Easy where Taylor also adds an acoustic version to the EP. The title and feel of the song coincide quite magically. The acoustic version is genius. It’s just her and the guitar as she melts all over the mic with her angelic voice.

PROMO-700x466Overall, Leather Shoes is a well put together body of work and should be in every music fans possession. The collaborative efforts of Michael Abiuso (Behind The Curtains Media) and Alex Nauth (The Skulx, Foxy Shazam) pays off in a big way, for the EP has brought Taylor even closer to being recognized as Indie music’s next big thing.


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