The Message: A look at Social Issues through Music Pt. 1

peace__love__music__unity_by_angelicruin-d4f69hbMusic is that one thing that everyone can understand, some may say it can even bring people closer together. Over the years artists of all genres have tried to speak out about social issues and injustice in hopes of bringing  clarity and unison among the nation. With songs like What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye, F*** The Police by N.W.AThe Message by Grandmaster Flash and The Furious FiveThey Don’t Care About Us by Michael Jackson and a host of other songs over the years; music has been very vocal about the injustices in this world. So one may ask if it’s being put on front street by main stream artists then why hasn’t anything been done? To understand the question we must understand the history. Knowledge is one of the biggest rewards in this world. With knowledge comes power and awareness beyond what any man can give. However, before I begin I’m in no way bashing any race, culture, religion or individual for I am in agreement that we all need to live in harmony, peace and love, not just my fellow African Americans but every one from Caucasian to Asian and every race in between. I believe in One love.

With the recent police killings and police brutality this world is on edge. People have become tired and do they have a right to express how they feel absolutely. It’s been years, decades and centuries of the same mistreatment and oppression and the people are starting to react. To those who are taking a stand just play it smart, gain knowledge and use it to your advantage. There is strength in numbers and unity. Looking back through the history of music it’s been written in the blueprint for so long. Pay attention to greats before us like U2Bob MarleyTracy Chapman, Tupac and again there’s so many others that have paved the way to inspire change.

At the end of it all most people in this world want to see change. Whether it’s good or bad people want change. Question is can you get everyone on the same page and live in unison? Can people put aside differences and accept those that don’t look like them? Only time can tell, but in the meantime educate yourself most times the people you are fighting against are the ones you need to have in your corner. Skin color doesn’t make you better, status doesn’t make you better. Nothing on the outside makes you better than anyone, no one is better then the next person. We are all human and once we see that and close the division the one that wants us to fight can’t win. Love and Light to each and everyone who reads this. It all starts with you!!

Here’s a song from an artist who also believes in making a difference and educating oneself and a nation.


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