Radar Rock Band Wavelength Vol. One EP



For a while I’ve been trying to find a band in the DC area that ignited the inner rocker in me and I’m happy to say I’ve found it in Radar. After seeing them live I just knew I had to have them on the site. On May 17th they released their EP Wavelength Vol One and the five track EP is amazeballs….yes I said amazeballs, I can be rather corny at times. However, Radar’s EP is not and it’s a definite must listen. Each member brings their own flare to the music and the chemistry is undeniable, with Charles as lead vocal, Robzie with her amazing drum skills and Jay on guitar the possibilities are endless. To listen to the bands latest EP you can find it on Bandcamp and to keep tabs on new performances, music etc head on over to their Official Website . Below are visuals from one of the songs off the EP titled G.U.N (Give Up On The Now).


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