Soulful Sunday’s



From Dublin, Ireland I bring to you Motions. The Alternative Rock band is fairly new to the indie scene but they’ve been making quite a stir with their debut single Back To Where I Begun, with close to five thousand plays on Soundcloud. They’re gearing up to release the single for purchase on April 28th on Itunes and Spotify.

Although they’re an Alternative Rock band Back To Where I Begun has  soulful elements. The song itself is about starting over when you’re at your end and the pain and sincerity behind the vocals are enough to deem this a Alternative- Rock/Soul ballad. The chorus though simple engrosses you into the mind of the band and takes you into their world and you may even find yourself asking the question, have I gone to far to go back to where I begun? No trust me it’s that infectious….  and it seems as if Motions may have a solid hit on their hands. The anticipation must be building by now so I won’t keep you waiting any longer, press play and vibe with me to Motions Back To Where I Begun.


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