Melodic Monday’s


In my search to find a song suitable for the well-liked Melodic Monday’s I stumbled upon a very unique and enthralling individual that goes by the name Bishop. Her first single Wild Horses introduced her to the indie music world with it’s hip-hop,rock and soul vibe and while River is still fairly new (two months since release) it too is picking up quite a buzz.

River showcases another side of Bishop whereas in Wild Horses we didn’t really get a feel of just how melodious and powerful her voice is, we definitely can hear more of her range and depth with this track. River starts with a simple clap- stomp beat and instantly gets heads nodding, well at least in my case it did. The chorus is so infectious after the first time around it’s basically stuck in your head.

Where is Bishop going from here? What can top River? The answers to those questions are still up in the air. One thing’s for certain is that the insurmountable talent Bishop exudes has yet to scratch the surface and I for one am looking forward to hear what’s next.


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