2016 Grammy’s Review


Where you shocked, surprised, excited or all three? There where some upsets and some are you kidding me moments, but overall I think most are buzzing about one man in particular. Do you know? Well I’m sure if you watched you know I’m speaking of none other then K.Dot himself Kendrick Lamar. Some called the performance controversial, while others praised him for bringing up reality. Did you think it was controversial or just what the world needed to see/hear? I believe we all needed to see that. Some of us are blind to the truth and other’s don’t care to know, while there are others who know and could care less. I thank Kendrick and other’s like him who aren’t afraid to speak truth.

There’s not enough truth speakers these days, its more people who jump on bandwagons only knowing half truths. The best thing to do in this world is to educate self before taking someone else’s word. What may have been controversial to some was a definite eye opener to others. Is the world ready for enlightened people and  truth seekers? I honestly don’t think so, but ready or not here they come.

As I end this post I’d like to say that I’m not bashing anyone’s opinion but only stating my own. I do hope to one day live in peace and positivity. Till tomorrow ✌&❤



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