Coming to you by way of Helsinki is the electro- indie pop band Feels. I must say it’s pretty great to be able to do a write up on such an eclectic group. The band consists of members Sofi (songwriter), Mikael (keyboardist) and Jooel (producer). They describe their sound as being”epic, gripping and toned with northern melancholy.” After listening I too must agree, it captivates and causes the listener to focus intently on the music.


Feels has recently released their latest single If You’d Meet Me Tonight and its available on Itunes and all other digital stores as is their previous single Weightless. Both songs gives us a peak into Feels’ potential to be a hot ticket on the indie scene. With the response in Finlad vastly rising and the promise of new music in February, Feels is on to a great start.


To connect with Feels you can find them on Facebook , Soundcloud , Bandcamp and their Official Website .


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