Growing up in a military family Enygma was exposed to the world and different cultures fairly early in her life. With the support of her parents and doing some of her schooling in a home environment Enygma was able to refine her creativity through music, writing, painting, etc. Additional education led her to learn instruments and have vocal coaching , which has proved to be very beneficial for the very talented songstress.


The road for Enygma hasn’t always been so smooth though as with most of us who have a dream, there are highs and lows. She had been offered a deal at the age of 17 but felt like it just wasn’t the right time. However, with the wisdom of saying no and her recent trip to Mexico she was enlightened and came back with a new perspective and ready to give what she loves another try. Most recently she has released her single Bent and is set to release Eargasm( the Mixtape) Feb. 2.

To connect with Ms. Enygma you can follow her on Instagram and also check her out on Soundcloud. In the meantime click the link and vibe with Bent by Enygma.


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Morna Francis said : Guest Report 2 years ago

Congratulations! Well deserved, as Bent is a wonderful song and Eargasm will prove to be fabulous! Proud is understatement! -Morna

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