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We all have a purpose and we all have a dream. Who of us can deminish or belittle someone if their dream doesn’t line up with ours? Who are we to look down or turn our nose up at our peer if they don’t have the same beliefs as we do? Martin Luther King Jr. fought for equality not just with blacks and whites but as a nation. Black on black crimes and how we as an African American race need to have love and respect for each other as well. So as we reflect  this day on one of the nations most  publicized and fearless African American leaders let us also remember the unsung heroes that also paved the way i.e. Claudette Colvin, Dorothy Height, Bayard Rustin, Hosea Williams, and Gloria Richardson. They’re sacrifices and fight for equality helped us all in some way shape or form, its us to continue keeping the fight alive!! That starts with looking out for each other, banding together and not treating our fellow African Americans as the enemy, for we have more power then we can imagine. I’ve compiled a playlist to commemorate this day.


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