Encouraging Words


We all go through our share of opposition and lows but its how you handle yourself in those moments that determine the outcome. I’m not sure who needs to hear these words tonight but just know you’re not alone.

What’s left when all you can do is all you’ve ever done? What’s left when the dream turns into a nightmare and the facade isn’t what you thought it would be. Lack of understanding, lack of support, just the lack of in general. What’s left? How do you stand in a world that wants you to fall? How do you speak when your voice even amongst your own seems so small. Where do you go when the world turns its back on you? Who do you call once the chips are down? What happens when religion even seems to feel like it’s failing you? Do you retreat? Do you give up? Do you cower and run hiding? Or are you like a lion fierce, loyal, protective and ready to bounce back after every feat? What’s your position when opposition comes? Are you torn to bits unable to stand? Defeated and left for dead? Or are you pushing at what pushes you, determined not to let it be your end. Whatever your position, whatever stance you take no one can live it for you. So when you’re standing in that mirror with defeat in your eyes ,and you ask what’s left? Stand up, shoulders back chest out and proudly say ME.


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