What Happened to the Music?


Let me start by saying this post is not a diss to anyone nor is it in promotion of any artists. This is simply my opinion and my observation. With that being said, I ask you this. Who really listens to music these days? Is there any music worth really listening to? Has music become lost amongst the newer generations or has it just evolved with the times? I ask myself these questions quite often. Now get this I am very aware of how life changes and fads come and go. However, where has the depth of music gone? I like when I can listen to an album without having to skip through. I like when the music has depth. Where are the positive messages? It seems to be lost amongst this generation. There are some who still fight for the quality in music (me being one) but it takes more then a few. I will admit there are times when I listen to the occasional “turn up” song but the hype dies down rather quickly and I’m left feeling like did I really just listen to that lol. Again this is not a bash on anyone who prefers the “turn up” tracks this is just my opinion. I’m a singer/songwriter who’s also a fan of music and likes to listen to music with meaning. So I ask you my fellow music lovers, what do you think about where music is going these days? Has the quality of music changed for better or worse?


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Terrence D. Lownes said : Guest Report 2 years ago

Music or better quality music has taken a back set to industry. The need for quality music has died down now it's not in the lovers of music hands, but in the hands of profiteers. Can't get mad just have to find a way to make positive music interesting once again. Sad to safe the only thing my race can make positive in music is when tragedy strikes via ( black lives matter movent ) for takes, but with time and cultivation we will see!

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