Sounds in Color


On this beautiful yet rainy Wednesday afternoon I bring to you a new and exciting new band. the story behind how I came across them is pretty interesting, However, I’m glad that we have crossed paths. Here’s how it all began . I have to admit I posted an Ad on Craigslist looking for some new indie talent and I didn’t think I would receive any responses. Then one day maybe almost a week after I checked my inbox and I received a message from this amazing young lady Julia, who just so happens to be part of a pretty talented band called Sounds in Color. I took a listen to a few songs and was immediately in awe of the raw talent this band possesses. I can’t wait to see where the music takes them and I know I’ve said it before about some other bands but I am indeed a new fan. Their musicianship and musicality are so fresh and definitely worth a listen. Below are a few tracks that I believe show the potential of Sounds in Color Enjoy!!!



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