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Melodic Monday’s: Aminé- Caroline


Heard this and had to post!! Aminé’s Caroline is such a good vibe it really doesn’t need a long drawn out review. Just press play and vibe with me…


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Soulful Sunday: Dawn Richard The Louvre


dawn-richard-redemption-interview-1Never one to shy away and not speak her mind Dawn Richard is back with another intricately woven body of work. Redemption gives fans an even closer look into just how creative and talented Dawn really is. It’s personal, it’s raw and everything music lovers are in need of at this moment. The Louvre a track off Redemption is soul with a twist and it’s perfect for today’s Soulful Sunday pick. If you haven’t checked out the album be sure to do so immediately. In the meantime check out The Louvre below!


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Taylor Noelle: I Fall



Taylor Noelle a fresh new face to the pop music scene has just released her debut EP Out of My System!!! I Fall the first single off the EP hits a high note in my book. The melody is beautiful and Taylor’s voice is angelic. Check out the single below.


 Ways to connect with Taylor:



Get into Too Good (Acoustic Version) Below:

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Melodic Monday’s



I been gone for a minute now I’m back with the jump off….. Yep Yep I’m back 100% and I’ve missed each and every one of you!!! During my absence I’ve been listening to some pretty dope new artists and here’s a playlist comprised of a few of my faves. Press Play and vibe with me….




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BlaqueStone : AfroNoon


BlaqueStone is music greatness. What more could one say about the talent and dedication that they posses. Recently their single 1159 was released with promises of a full length EP to soon follow, and this weekend the duo released that EP titled AfroNoon. The vibe and flow of each track is eargasmic. If you’re a fan of music that’s deeply rooted in culture and love then AfroNoon should be your next purchase. Fave tracks thus far : Stay, The Right, Exhale/Wrd (feat. Coles) and Dear Balck People, basically the whole album, but I digress.  To learn more about Blaquestone and to stay up to date with all their latest projects, shows, etc. head on over to http://www.blaquestone.com/image1

Press Play and vibe with me to Dear Black People:

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Liz Loughrey: Rise Up!



Liz Loughrey’s Rise Up! is more then just a song it’s a movement, says Liz. The positive impact Rise Up! has been spreading is one that this world needs right now. The song promotes positive change and calls for people to come together and let love reign supreme in their lives, communities, etc. Rise Up! is that song that will be remembered for years to come, it’s uplifting, thought- provoking and makes you want to get up and make a change.



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Top 20 Favorite Albums of 2016 So Far ( Nesha Says Collaboration)


We have a few more months until 2016 is over and lots more music to be released. The following albums are just a few of the many that have been in heavy rotation this year. Along with Stanesha of Nesha Says we’ve comprised a list of some of our favorite albums of 2016 so far!!


Snoh Aalegra ‘Don’t Explain’
This album is a pure classic. It’s reminiscent of a James Bond movie score on vinyl and some may even compare her to the late great Amy Winehouse. However, Snoh is in her own lane with her retro music style and new age flare.
Solange ‘A Seat at the Table’
Powerful, Thought Provoking, Empowering what more could one ask for? A Seat at the Table though recently released, has been causing quite the stir and was very necessary.
Anderson Paak ‘Malibu’
Anderson Paak is amazing!!! Malibu takes the listener on a journey from high to low and everywhere in between. It’s one ride that music lovers would enjoy!!
Bas ‘Too High to Riot’
Dreamville Records own Bas is back with his sophmore LP and showing everyone just why he’s the one to bet on. Favorite Tracks from the album Matches, Too High to Riot, and Ricochet.
NAO ‘For All We Know’
Nao displays electro-soul at its best. The 18 track album is seamlessly woven together and pushes the London born singer to a whole new level of genius.
Yuna ‘Chapters’
Although this was my first time hearing one of her albums I was immediately taken away. Yuna’s voice so delicate and inviting makes each track even better then the last. Definitely contemporary R&B at its finest.
James Blake ‘The Colour in Anything’
Now who doesn’t love James Blake? Each song captures the soul and holds on tight. Favorite song off this album Timeless, Waves Know Shores, Noise Above our Heads, and Modern Soul.
Ology ‘Gallant’
Another great R&B album of this year hands down. Ology is theraputic and revealing but yet leaves more to be desired. Could this be all part of Gallant’s plan to keep us hooked??? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.
Dvsn ‘Sept. 5TH
Hallucinations…… enough said. Just kidding, there’s more to the album then just that song, but it’s a definite recommendation nonetheless. If you’re looking for grown and sexy music well the OVO artist has all you need.
Jon Bellion ‘The Human Condition’
The Human Condition is a must listen. Jon Bellion’s unique take on R&B, Pop and Hip-Hop is one of the reasons why he’s been the pen behind some of music’s superstars. The animated yet soulful tunes are his signature and he does it oh so magnificently.
11-20 (Nesha)
Eric Bellinger ‘Eric B. For President’
One of the most consistent artists in the game, when it comes to releasing cohesive projects, Eric Bellinger’s Eric B. For President: Term 1 continues his reign. My favorite tracks are “In My Prime” and “My Check.”
Usher ‘Hard II Love’
I have not bothered listening to an Usher album in full since Confessions because I knew that they wouldn’t match-up. However, Hard II Love comes very close. Must hear tracks are “Missin’ U” and “Bump,” among a few others.
H.E.R. ‘H.E.R., Vol. 1’
In an era where instant gratification is at an all-time high, an anonymous release is rare. H.E.R is the self-titled, first volume, R&B masterpiece from a somewhat unknown singer. A little detective work will lead you to figuring out who it is and the music is so great that you will be driven to solving the mystery.
Fabolous ‘Summertime Shootout 2: The Level Up’
Another one: Fab does it again. Another project filled with the rapper’s signature style. Favorite track: “Ashanti.”
Tink ‘Winter’s Diary 4’
The fourth installment of Tink’s Winter’s Diary series is 15 tracks of classic Tink. Favorite tracks include “All Falls Down,” “Show It” and “Modern Wave.”
YG ‘Still Brazy’
I don’t like this album as much as I like YG’s debut, but it was a cohesive follow-up. The lead single “Why You Always Hatin’?” remains my favorite song on this album. “Who Shot Me?,” “Word Is Bond,” “I Got A Question,” “Bool, Balm & Bollective” and the title track are also standouts.
Beyoncé ‘Lemonade’
Beyoncé has always been reflective in her music whether she was aiming to simply make people dance or tell a story, but there is something different about Lemonade. The project shows a more transparent Bey.
Drake ‘Views’
Beyoncé has always been reflective in her music whether she was aiming to simply make people dance or tell a story, but there is something different about Lemonade. The project shows a more transparent Bey.
Ro James ‘El Dorado’
 “Permission” blew up this year and rightfully so. If you love that record you will also love Ro James’ debut album El Dorado. Favorites include “You Already Knew That” and “A.D.I.D.A.S.”
 Mila J ‘213’
Mila J released a few projects within 2015 and 2016, but among them my favorite is 213. The entire EP is a nod to her native California and the lead single “Kickin’ Back” captures that signature west coast sound.


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Gold Complex: Backbone



Happy Friday afternoon to each and everyone of you beautiful humans. Friday’s should be filled with fun and laughs and unwinding from the week and Gold Complex’s latest song Backbone is sure to help you do just that. Its fun, witty, sexy and all about “saying what you mean and meaning what you say, especially when it comes to a relationship (says Will Bowes, lead singer of Gold Complex).” The single is off the octet’s debut self-titled EP and can be downloaded from Soundcloud. Press play and vibe with Gold Complex to Backbone!!!







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